Ultra C-1000 Complex

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120 reviews for Ultra C-1000 Complex

  1. Nyle Ridley

    Using these with my iron supplements

  2. Lacie Jacobs

    I’ve been ordering these vitamins for my family since the quarantine started and we have stayed very healthy, not even a runny nose.

  3. Tamika Hutchings

    Since it is a good idea to boost up our immunity this time of year I bought these. I don’t usually take vitamins because they bother my stomach. These are gentle and easy to swallow. As with most vitamins I don’t feel any different and that is a good thing. They are working without side effects.

  4. Isaak Brown

    Quality vitamins

  5. Huxley Mcdonald

    Nice Vitamin C

  6. Pedro Duggan

    Very happy with the quality and taste of the product.

  7. Cihua Muelas Quetara

    My skin loves this Vitamin C

  8. Luarana Cachurro Panguision

    These are as fine as any Vitamin C I’ve tried.

  9. Kaitlyn Gilmore

    I have already bought my 3 bottle and will probably need more as I am getting for my entire family

  10. Montel Burns

    Vitatmin C – what’s more to say?
    I take a tablet most every day.
    It keeps you healthy, your immune system thriving,
    So you can keep playing, running, swimming, and driving.

  11. Veer Whitehouse

    These were perfect. I know that some people have said they are too big to swallow, but I have not found that to be the case. If they find that, they should just purchase themselves a pill cutter. The quality here is excellent.

  12. Mahnoor Hughes

    Every Winter like clock work I get either the flu or a cold no matter how hard I try to avoid it like the plague. But living in New York City it’s very hard to do especially when you take public transportation with everybody hacking and breathing in the same air. So upon the advice of a friend I decided to give this brand and Vitamin C a go and let me tell you I have yet to even get a sniffle.

  13. Bianca Yang

    I began using this supplement after my gynecologist suggested it. Thank you!!!

  14. Atlas Rasmussen

    Thank you my doctor!!!

  15. Aleah Watson

    God bless you doc!!!

  16. Aleah Watson

    God bless you doc

  17. Ross Davies

    Thanks so much. For that information!!

  18. Mazie Barber

    Thank u Dr Gus for the information God bless u!!!

  19. Dayna Mellor

    Thanks Dr Gus!!!

  20. Maha Feeney

    Thanks alot!!!

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