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14 reviews for Uri Care

  1. Odiccis Chavarria angulo

    Veo escucho sus videos y me parecen muy interesantes y buenos,lo felicito, gracias.

  2. Gabriel Othonos

    I am under medical treatment for a urine infection and as a part of that treatment, these supplements have worked great!

  3. Anna Boruch

    I had my first urinary tract infection in 2015 at age 55 and still do not know why. I went to my doctor and took an antibiotic to cure it. Now I am taking these supplements to keep my urinary tract healthy.

  4. Tanish Babu

    When you take antibiotics too much, as you have to do when you get recurring UTIs, your stomach suffers. I’m now taking these supplements to help regulate my digestion.

  5. Sophie Stewart

    I was looking for a good supplement with cranberry and probiotics and I found these three.

  6. Elspeth Mcclure

    I am buying these supplements to keep my urinary tract healthy.

  7. Angharad Bostock

    It’s a good thing that these supplements are available!

  8. Alexia Wormald

    Thank you doctor, sir.

  9. Eathan Welsh

    I feel so much better now, thank you!

  10. Edie Plummer

    I am very happy for this!

  11. Tyriq Woodley

    It is a bothersome issue to have UTIs, glad there are supplements to help.

  12. Anam Rankin

    Thank you for your videos Dr.

  13. Nylah Leblanc

    I always watch your videos, very helpful, plus your supplements are wonderful!

  14. Jose Hook

    I’d rather take supplements and avoid the hassle of using the products naturally. Thanks Doc.

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