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133 reviews for Thyroid Support

  1. Terrell Molina

    I’ve been taking this for about two months now, I wish I bought this many years ago. My energy is up, I’m not tired in the afternoons anymore.

  2. Harrison Monaghan

    Big change after taking these thyroid supplements 🙂

  3. Drake Crane

    On my second bottle and I am feeling like my self again.

  4. Aishah Levy

    Seeing Results Very Happy

  5. Aaron Bonilla

    So Impressed with product

  6. Mazie Garrett

    I love this product, it actually works, When I turned 50 my tsh went to 9.0, My doctor wanted to put me on medicine when I read the affects of the medicine I research vitamins, and found this. I am happy to say after 6 weeks of this vitamin, my tsh was 5.0 and after 10 weeks, 4.0. and my blood pressure was lower as well. I will continue this vitamin. Thank You.

  7. Ximena Cortiguera Amirola

    Great product. Gives energy & hair growth!!

  8. Dámaso Loredo Tristan

    I came to searched thyroid supplement and I saw this one and it’s my first taking today and instantly like magic hours after, my shoulder pain is gone and I feel energetic, It’s amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  9. Montel Burns

    Within a short amount of time, I was feeling more energetic, less stressed out, and was able to sleep better. Now that I have been on it for three months I have my eyebrows back and my nails are long and strong like they used to be.

  10. Huzaifa Mcdowell

    This supplement has brought me to who I want to be. Great energy- great mood.

  11. Garin Truong

    Im never going to go without this supplement.It fixed my thryoid i used it with a few othet supplements i started 4 months ago and lost over 80 pounds.It made me feel human again and i love the way my body feels balanced.I recomend also getting extra sea kelp spirilina cinnimon.Trust me your body will thank you it really works.

  12. Anisha Potter

    I wholeheartedly recommend Thyroid Support to anyone who is suffering from thyroid issues. After 12 years of struggling with undiagnosed symptoms that left me totally wiped out, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. This condition is a very debilitating autoimmune disease that causes all sorts of health challenges.

  13. Bianca Yang

    I had my thyroid chemically ablated, and my levels are still changing. I was on 150 mcg then put on 137 mcg of levothyroxine. Now they are lowering the dose again. And no matter what, I can’t lose any weight. I will give this a try.

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