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21 reviews for Bone Essentials

  1. Hannah Weatherspoon.

    After twisting my ankle a couple years ago, constantly I got pain on my ankle. This Bone Essential was very helpful in making my full recovery. Now the pain is no longer there. I´m grateful!

  2. Kenneth Andrada

    I have a constant pain on my collar bone, was told could be due to a magnesium deficiency. I will try these two supplements.

  3. Uri Deitchman

    My bone density is low so I will take these supplements to help improve.

  4. Melissa Harrison

    One of the many problems with menopause is weak bones, these two supplements should help me, right Dr.

  5. Upasna Bhavsar

    I suffer condition called dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), this weakened my body including my bones, these supplements help, thank you Dr. Landivar for help.

  6. Calypso Glezos

    I was looking for bone supplements and I found some with ingredients not desired for me, but then I found these two that don´t have those ingredients.

  7. Reiko Bessho

    I am happy because now my bones are stronger.

  8. Veronica Muir

    I recently went through back surgery, been having pain on my lower back bones. These supplements were really helpful.

  9. Rae Blackmore

    I was taking physical therapy for a broken knee cap, it was suggested to me to use supplements to strengthen my bones.

  10. Arwel Francis

    I am 79 years old and I was told that with age bones tend to weaken. I need supplements to strengthen them.

  11. Tonisha Lowry

    I am a professional athlete and I need to have strong bones. I´m taking these supplements for that.

  12. Sabah Moreno

    Great combination!

  13. Yunus Hook

    My bones are grateful!

  14. Kayla Ratliff

    I had an accident and suffered many bone fractures. This is the second time I’m ordering these supplements. They’ve been a big help.

  15. Leanne Swift

    Hi, I also suffered bone problems, I will try these supplements.

  16. Rory Sheridan

    Thank you for making these available.

  17. Jaden Mullen

    I love watching your videos!

  18. Emma Robles

    I really appreciate your advice!

  19. Ethel Spooner

    I had a very nice experience with your products, thank you doctor!

  20. Jude Mcgill

    I was supposed to recover a month later from a fracture, but I think taking these supplements speeded things up!

  21. Kavita Bull

    A friend advised me to try these, I am glad I did.

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